How Your Support Helps

How Your Support Helps

• Often, our Home Delivered meal is the only meal that our clients receive each weekday and sadly, it is often the only contact they have with another person.


• 80% of our clients live well below the poverty level. Our clients truly do not have the means to buy the necessities in life.

  • Your support is more critical than ever. No senior should have to be hungry, or live in isolation.  Together, we can ensure that those in need in our community are cared for. Your support allows seniors to live as independently as possible.

  • Did you know that the cost of 1 year of meals is less than a 2-day hospital stay due to problems that are created due to malnutrition?

Your gift can help meet these needs:

  • 1 week of meals = $25 donation

  • 1 month of meals = $100

  • 6 months of meals = $750

  • 1 year of meals = $1,300

Your support makes a daily difference in the lives of the elderly in our community. Your support allows Meals on Wheels to provide meal services that are critical to the aging population in Denton County.


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